The AIAD Logo

The AIAD logo has been designed with three concepts firmly in mind: the strength and security of the Corinthian helmet, and the antiquity of such military headgear.

The logo may appear in any of the following forms, with appropriate ‘strapline’ beneath. Collectors may buy with confidence when they see these signs displayed by a Member of AIAD.

Important: if the sign is displayed by a company not listed as a member of the Association, we will pursue the matter vigorously. Kindly report any suspected instances to:


logo-AIAD-1-300x346 logo-AIAD-2-300x369 logo-AIAD-3-300x346 logo-AIAD-4-300x346



  • AIAD

    AIAD is an association of dealers in antiquities (including fine art, coins, metallic and ceramic objects) whose aim is to promote responsible antiquities dealing and to provide a support network and means of exchanging relevant information about fakes, forgeries, fraudulent misrepresentation and stolen goods with a view to identifying such items offered for sale and notifying the appropriate authorities.

    The initial impetus for the formation of the AIAD came from the British antiquities trade. Because of the nature of the antiquities trade, it is essential for the Association to include members based in Europe, the Americas and further afield.

    The AIAD offers Associate Membership to interested individuals, trade bodies and companies outside the antiquities trade who have relevant interests and experience, for example companies providing valuation, authentication and certification services.