What is the AIAD?
The Association of International Antiquities Dealers (AIAD) is a trade association for the antiquities trade, both UK domestic and international, which aims to counteract fraud, the circulation of forgeries and the selling of stolen goods. The AIAD seeks to promote the interests of its members, and of antiquities dealers, generally by circulating information likely to assist them in the regulation of the trade. As an antiquities dealers association, AIAD is interested in showing the positive aspects of artefact ownership.
How do I become a member?
You should apply using the contact form on this site, or write to the General Secretary at the address shown.
What is the Executive Committee?
The Executive Committee is the group of Members elected to oversee and manage the affairs of AIAD. Only full Members of AIAD are eligible for election. The Executive Committee may co-opt Members drawn from the Associate Membership from time to time.
Who decides about membership applications?
Applications for membership are handled by the Secretary in collaboration with the Chairman and/or the Deputy Chairman and/or at least one other Executive Committee member. In cases of disagreement, the Chairman has the casting vote.
Can anyone apply?
We welcome applications from bona fide dealers in antiquities, including auction houses, internet traders and galleries. Each application should be accompanied by the name of a sponsor (an existing Member) and is reviewed on its merits. We aim to reply within a few working days.
What is the cost?
A nominal membership fee is charged, reviewed annually, to cover the costs of administration. Details are set out here.
How can I pay?
By cheque, made out to the Association of International Antiquities Dealers and posted to the General Secretary. By bank transfer – account details can be provided by email or letter.
Can I pay by Paypal?
We have introduced a Paypal Membership account which can be accessed from the ‘How to Join’ page.
My application has been rejected. What happens now?
In the event that we have had to decline your application for Membership, we will refund the fees you have already paid (if any). You are free to re-apply at any time.
I am not an antiquities dealer. Can I still join?
While primarily an antiquities dealers association, Associate Membership is available to companies and individuals with an interest in the antiquities trade who are not active dealers. There is a separate scale of fees for Associate Membership.
How do I make a complaint about a Member of the AIAD?
In the first instance, if you have doubts about the authenticity of an item bought from one of our members, you should discuss your concerns directly with the Member. If this does not resolve the issue, please copy your correspondence to the AIAD Secretariat.
What is the policy for dealing with misconduct?
In the event of serious misconduct, numerous complaints from separate individuals or adverse media coverage of a Member likely to bring the AIAD into disrepute, the AIAD may be obliged to expel a Member. If so, any relevant documentation will be retained for a reasonable period in case the matter results in legal proceedings (civil or criminal). Members who have been expelled will not normally be re-admitted unless exonerated by subsequent investigation.
I think I have bought a fake. How can I verify it?
There are several techniques which can be used to check whether an object is likely to be genuine or not: these include art-historical studies, analysis of manufacture techniques and materials used. Some objects can be examined using powerful microscopes and other analytical equipment. There are several companies offering such services, some of which are Associate Members of the AIAD.
I think I have bought a fake. How do I report it?
If you have bought an item from an AIAD Member which you believe to have been misdescribed, please raise this initially with the Member (with a copy to the AIAD Secretary), who will inform us of the outcome of your discussions. If you believe that you have identified a forgery offered for sale, in the UK you may raise this with the local Trading Standards Officer.

  • AIAD

    AIAD is an association of dealers in antiquities (including fine art, coins, metallic and ceramic objects) whose aim is to promote responsible antiquities dealing and to provide a support network and means of exchanging relevant information about fakes, forgeries, fraudulent misrepresentation and stolen goods with a view to identifying such items offered for sale and notifying the appropriate authorities.

    The initial impetus for the formation of the AIAD came from the British antiquities trade. Because of the nature of the antiquities trade, it is essential for the Association to include members based in Europe, the Americas and further afield.

    The AIAD offers Associate Membership to interested individuals, trade bodies and companies outside the antiquities trade who have relevant interests and experience, for example companies providing valuation, authentication and certification services.