Theft from Benghazi Bank

November 16, 2011

Further to our publication of the article on the Libyan situation, we now have permission to disseminate the following update.



More has emerged since this article was published in Antiques Trade Gazette. There were a large number of Byzantine and Islamic coins involved. What is missing in the Islamic coins is a large number of the Almoravid Dynasty. This stands to reason because it was this dynasty that ruled Libya (AD. 1062-1147). This is not exclusive. We should all be careful when handling any Islamic coins of what is to-day Libya.

UNESCO ( is issuing lists of what is missing. However this is likely of necessity not to be complete. Readers will be kept up-dated. That said much of the missing property, not just coins but jewellery and other artifacts is unlisted. So, we must be diligent in any dealings with valium antiquities of any period which could come from Libya. It is worth noting that of course some of the antiquities and coins of this part of the world are “clean”. But diligence is the watch word.

Richard Falkiner


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